RuthAnne TikTok Campaign

Spreading Self Love on 

TikTok with the 'Love Again Campaign'

The Problem

Record label The Other Songs was looking to drive more streams and generate more buzz around their artist RuthAnne.

As, of course, the market for pop music is extremely competitive- it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. The Other Songs wanted to find a solution to get RuthAnne's single 'Love Again' in front of a new audience in a new and exciting way.

The Idea

Our solution was a TikTok campaign that would create a movement around the track- to engage the audience rather than just expecting them to pay attention. 

For the campaign, we wanted to spread the sentiment of the song, which is learning to love again after falling onto hard times. 

We wanted the campaign to inspire self love; our final creative concept was for our influencers to film themselves confessing their biggest insecurities and how they learned to love themselves again.

We briefed our TikTok network on the creative concept, and selected the influencers based on their proposed content- every influencer was a perfect fit for the campaign.

First Step -Creating The Profile

To get things rolling, we created an official TikTok profile for RuthAnne on the platform. We picked out an appropriate username, wrote a bio and uploaded an official profile picture.

Establishing an artist's presence on TikTok is an extremely important step in activating a campaign. In order for a track to be correctly attributed on the platform, it needs to be uploaded onto the artist's own profile.


Once the profile was set-up, we uploaded 'Love Again' to the TikTok Sound Library from the account in order for the song to be accessible for users to create videos with.

Second Step - Influencer Creation

Each of our influencers created a video holding up a sign confessing their biggest insecurities, with 'Love Again' playing in the background. 

Our influencers encouraged their fans to join in on the trend by 'duetting' their video. The duet feature on TIkTok allows for users to create a video side-by-side with another creator- the duet video syncs with the audio of the previous video, so the same sound will be used in every video.

All of the videos were accompanied with the #PromoteLove hashtag which we created for the campaign. Hashtags are essential for any campaign, as it makes all associated videos searchable, and raises the possibility of the campaign trending on TikTok.


-1,884 Videos created by fans

-153.5K Views on Influencers' videos

-13.48K Hearts on Influencers' videos

-210K Hearts on total videos

-1.5m Views on #PromoteLove Hashtag

The #PromoteLove campaign was a viral hit amongst TikTokkers. After the campaign period, a grand total of 871 user videos were created using 'Love Again.' 

The kickstarter videos saw a total of 13.48K hearts from fans, and 153.3K views, alongside many comments on how inspiring the videos were. 

The associated hashtag, #PromoteLove, saw a total of 904K views.

The campaign was extremely engaging and a massive hit!

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